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Iron Man Marvel VS. Figurine


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Get ready for battle and face-off your favourite heroes and villains in the brand-new Marvel VS. collection! First up is playboy-turned-hero Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man!

A genius inventor and billionaire playboy, Tony Stark created a suit of powered armor to save his own life – and went on to save the lives of countless others as the Armored Avenger, Iron Man!

The Iron Man Marvel VS. Figurine showcases a sleek, modern design of Iron Man suit, with smoke and flame billowing from its jet boots, sending Tony Stark skyward as he aims a powerful repulsor blast!

Iron Man made his debut in Tales of Suspense #39 (1963), in a clunky suit of grey metal armor. He helped found the Avengers in that same year, this time clad in shining gold – and though Tony Stark’s armor has evolved over the decades, his heroism and intellect have remained a chrome-plated constant.

Collect the greatest heroes and villains from the stories of Marvel Comics as hand-painted 1:16 scale models! These detailed statuettes capture the likeness of iconic champions and rivals, each standing roughly 13-20cm tall and posed for battle atop dramatic scenery!

Pair your Iron Man Marvel VS. Figurine up with the Captain America Marvel VS. Figurine and prepare to do battle!

Height (cm):16