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Spark Swarovski Mix & Match Bracelet


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This Mix & Match link 925 Sterling Silver bracelet, size M (17 cm) comes from the brand Spark and belongs to the Mix & Match collection. The link bracelet is provided with an oval-shaped Swarovski crystal set clasp with the name of the brand on the back and adorned with Swarovki Crystals. Spark guarantees the most beautiful jewellery that uses stunning Swarovski crystals.

The New Secure Magnet Linked BRACELET COLLECTION.
Choose and Combine to Compose Your Own Necklace

The Mix and Match Collection comprises of 37 bracelets, each with a unique magnetic clasp, this clasp includes prongs and matching indentations that allow them to link and stay securely fastened.

Collect and grow your bracelet collection, fasten two bracelets together to create a choker or three bracelets to compose your own necklace.

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