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Venom Marvel Comics Heavyweights Figurine


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Venom, one of Spider-Man’s most bitter enemies… and sometimes, his most vital ally. Venom joins our Marvel Comics Heavyweights Figurine Collection!

When resentful journalist Eddie Brock bonded with an alien symbiote that shared his grudge against Spider-Man, Venom was born – a drooling, sharp-toothed monster with an axe to grind!

Throughout the years, Venom’s had many hosts and many roles – Lethal Protector, Agent Venom, even Space Knight – but Brock remains the one and only original.

This detailed 1:18 Venom Marvel Comics Heavyweights Figurine depicts him hunched over and snarling in full cast metal. Meticulously hand-painted, the model draws out all the details of Venom’s modern, heavily muscled “costume”.