Iron Man Mark VII Helmet Replica – The Avengers (2012)

Iron Man Mark VII Helmet Replica – The Avengers (2012)


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Product Description

The Iron Man Mark VII Helmet is the first artifact from the brand new Marvel Movie Museum Collection!

With the Marvel Museum you can collect the iconic artifacts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – weapons, masks, gadgets and more – recreated as highly accurate, hand-painted resin models! Standing roughly 6-8 inches tall on a plinth stamped with their movie of origin, these replicas would satisfy The Collector himself.

First deployed during the Battle for New York in the first Avengers film, the Iron Man Mark VII was built for heavy combat – and proved its worth against Loki’s Chitauri army. Behind this iconic red-and-gold helm, Tony Stark took the fight to the alien invaders, fighting alongside his fellow Avengers as the invincible Iron Man!• Polyresin Statue
• Hand Painted
• Approximately 6.1 inches Tall