Mosaic Glass Premium Fragrance Lamp Gift Set

Mosaic Glass Premium Fragrance Lamp Gift Set


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Product Description

Twinkle Star & PFL915 Moroccan Spice Gift Set
TWINKLE STAR: This little lamp has been hand crafted using dazzling silver mosaic pieces creating a shattered mirror effect which is truly stunning. Like stars dazzle in the night sky, this lamp will add spectacular sparkle to your home.

Material: Glass Mosaic

Colour/s: Silver

Premium Fragrance Lamp Fragrance 250ml – Moroccan Spice

Exciting aromas of a hot Moroccan souk combine with a rich blend of sticky honey, nutmeg and bergamot scents. Woody base notes of agarwood and sandalwood add earthy depth.
Fragrance Type: Spicy & Woody

Size: 250ml
Burning Time (approx): 10 Hours

What’s Included:
1 x Fragrance Lamp
1 x Bottle of Lamp Fragrance
1 x Beautiful Gift Box
1 x Wick / Stone Assembly
1 x Snuffer Cap
1 x Decorative Crown
1 x Instruction Leaflet (located under the VAC form packaging)
1 x Pouring Funnel (located under the VAC form packaging)