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Neptune – Premium Fragrance Lamp Gift Set

Neptune – Premium Fragrance Lamp Gift Set


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Product Description

NEPTUNE: Look at the depth of the blues in this lamp and it makes you think of the deep ocean where Neptune himself may live. This lamp would be fit for his palace The different shades for different moods and the shine on the glass all go to make a perfect lamp that may carry you away to distant shores.

Material: Glass Mosaic

Colour/s: Blue, Gold

Premium Fragrance Lamp Fragrance 250ml – White Tea

A beautifully fresh and aromatic scent, combining the citrus notes of bergamot with light, floral jasmine tones. Softened with a hint of sweet violet and powdery sandalwood, this fragrance is a perfectly elegant backdrop for any home.
Fragrance Type: Fresh & Natural

Size: 250ml

Burning Time (approx): 10 Hours


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