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Premium Fragrance Lamp Gift Set

Premium Fragrance Lamp Gift Set


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Product Description

Egyptian Sunset Lamp & PFL915 Moroccan Spice Fragrance
EGYPTIAN SUNSET: Scorched, sandy hues of yellow and amber reveal glimmering golden mosaic pieces – like the glint of Egyptian treasures hidden in the sand. With subtle accents of twilight purples and a gold fretwork cap, this lamp is a real discovery.

Material: Glass Mosaic

Colour/s: Gold, Amber, Lilac

Premium Fragrance Lamp Fragrance 250ml – Moroccan Spice

Exciting aromas of a hot Moroccan souk combine with a rich blend of sticky honey, nutmeg and bergamot scents. Woody base notes of agarwood and sandalwood add earthy depth.
Fragrance Type: Spicy & Woody

Size: 250ml

Burning Time (approx): 10 Hours

Please note that Ashleigh & Burwood Premium Fragrance Lamps Fragrance should only be used with our “Premium Fragrance Lamps”. This fragrance should not be used with any other type of burner.


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