Pure by Coppercraft Magnetic Bracelet

Pure by Coppercraft Magnetic Bracelet


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Product Description

Pure by Coppercraft Flower Design Magnetic Bracelet.
The Bracelet Stretches to accomodate most wrist sizes but its minimum size is: 6.0cm (Diameter)
The natural properties of magnetic hematite have been used since ancient Egyptian & Greek civilizations who
produced jewellery primarily in the belief that the mineral may relieve pain, aid blood flow, enhance energy and calm emotions.
Scientific research has more recently proved that a magnetic flux polarizes the atoms in the blood cells which
can help smooth the flow of blood taking nutrients around the body & assist in removing toxins.
The bracelets are elasticised and are very comfortable to wear; especially if the wearer has arthritic wrists or hands. All Coppercraft jewellery complies with relevant EU regulations and each piece is supplied in a high quality presentation box.
It is advisable that pregnant women or people wearing electrical or electronic medical devices (e.g. a pacemaker, insulin pump etc) or metal implants should not use magnets.